Embroidered Trade Association Logos


Add an embroidered trade association logo to your clothing for £4.00 per logo

  • Using the Total Number of Items drop down menu select the total quantity of items that you require to have embroidered with a trade logo.
  • Choose the Position(s) of Logo (each logo position is £4)
  • Select which Trade Logo You Require from the drop down options (if you require multiple trade logos you will need to add them separately)
  • In the Product List Box, type in details of all the individual items that you would like to have embroidered with a trade logo (this list should tally up to the total number of items above)
  • Please include your Registration / Membership Number so we can validate use of the logo
  • Choose YES / NO whether you would like your Reg Number included as part of the embroidery, we will stitch it under the trade logo
  • Click on Add to Basket button


Quantity Discounted Price
1 - 10000 £3.60
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